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Todd Segal is a psychic detective who has been doing this work since 2001. From missing animals, people and objects, to high profile and serious crime investigations. He uses his psychic abilities to see, feel, hear, and sense the energy of physical locations remotely, from hundreds of miles away. He is a remote viewer, one that can visit a location in his mind as if he is physically there. He then gathers evidence that can be used to help resolve the missing details of the investigation. Todd is also a physical medium, one that takes on the physical entity of a person that passed. He often works on location investigating haunted houses and historical locations.


What separates Todd from other psychics is his gift with the details. Whether you are having a relationship issue and want to know how it will turn out, or a health problem and you want to know what the cause is, he will navigate you in his mind like a road map. Todd has also helped many businesses start out by predicting what their financial future will be, and how to get there. Todd does readings and investigations for people all around the world. If you are with the media and would like to interview Todd, or are looking for help with an investigation, please contact us.


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